Bestel vandaag & ontvang je pakketje binnen 1-2 dagen

Bestel vandaag & ontvang je pakketje binnen 1-2 dagen

Bestel vandaag & ontvang je pakketje binnen 1-2 dagen

Size Guide

To create your Perfect Shape, you first have to make sure that your Waist Trainer fits right! Wearing the correct size that suits your unique body shape is essential to achieve the best results.

A commonly made mistake is to pick a size that's smaller than your actual size. Very often, this is done in the hopes to achieve quicker results. Believe us, we really understand (and love ;)) your enthusiasm, but we advise you to resist the temptation. 

First of all, a Waist Trainer that’s too small won’t close. And even if it does, it’ll be very uncomfortable and will probably look unflattering. Waist Trainers have been designed to sculpt your waist based on the size that you currently have. So they actually already have a tighter fit than the size of your clothes, especially around the waist. Thus, no need to size down. Even with the correct size (as measured using the Size Guide), your Waist Trainer will fit tight enough to provide the slimming effect.

We’ve pointed out that your Waist Trainer shouldn’t be too small, but neither should it be too big. An oversized Waist Trainer doesn’t provide the amount of compression that’s needed to create the desired results. So keep this in mind when deciding on your size. If you find yourself in-between two sizes, always pick the bigger size. In all other cases, we advise you to stick to your own (measured) size.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, good sizing is key! And it’s exactly for this reason that we’ve written this detailed guide for you. We hope that this explanation together with the size chart will enable you to confidently make the right choice. And please don’t hestitate to contact us in case you’re still doubting or if you have any additional questions. We’re here for you & we’re happy to help you through email, chat or DM! 

How do I find my size?

To determine the size that perfectly suits your unique body shape, it’s important that you measure yourself at the right point. Use a measuring tape (preferably of strong material) and measure your waist as demonstrated on the image below. When measuring yourself, make sure that the measuring tape is wrapped around the narrowest part of your waistline. Also make sure not to tighten the measuring tape too much. It should be skintight, but just loose enough to be able to slip a fingertip underneath the tape!

Now that you’ve determined the measurements of your waistline, you should be able to pick the perfect size using the size chart on this page. There’s a chance that your (upper body) clothing size is the same as your Waist Trainer size, but if that’s not the case, it’s better to stick to the size you’ve just measured as we believe it’s the most reliable indicator.

Found the correct size? Amazing! You’re now one step closer to your dream body. In case you’ve already placed your order, we’ll make sure that you’ll receive your Waist Trainer as soon as possible. Now it’s time to prepare for your actual Waist Training journey. Don’t know where to start? No worries! We’ve also written a detailed ‘How to’ Guide for you.   

By the way, if for any reason the Waist Trainer doesn’t fit right, we offer you the option to exchange it for the right size. Please refer to our return & exchange policy to learn more about this.